You Don’t Have to Look Like a Doll to be a Victim of Child Rape

The recent case of the abduction of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, murder of her mother and brother, ensuing manhunt and execution of her abductor is just the latest example of how a tragedy brings out the ugliest traits of humans and American society in particular. I have been repeatedly floored by comments revealing a belief that the victim in this case is blamed for being a willing participant and yes, even murdering her own family members in order to run off with a man 24 years her senior. To me, this is the same Nabokovian mindset that says you must be married at 13 in order to avoid “fornication,” or that women must wear a burqa because men know they cannot trust themselves.

When I was about 14, I did some baby sitting. As a klunky kid who looked like a fat boy with tits, it never occurred to me that I might become a sexual object. How could I, since I didn’t know what sex was? Sure, when I was 6, I remember that shot on Bonanza, when Michael Landon appeared on screen wearing naught but a towel and I felt a quickening in my nether regions that was quite unprecedented for a 6-year-old, but still, I was naïve and unaccustomed to the doggish ways of some men.

But anyway, it was the couple who owned the property where I stabled my horse. They asked me to babysit, and I agreed. It was a huge Victorian house, and I tolerated the 4 kids. The couple was late returning, and I fell asleep in one of the many rooms.

I awoke, suddenly, to the husband attempting to shove his dick in my mouth. Disgusting as that was to me at the time, suddenly, his wife burst in, switching on the light. I felt shame and guilt.

They had the expected argument, but she, at least, recognized me as no less a victim than herself, and comforted me. She told me I was not to blame. They didn’t seem to be married very long after that.

A couple years later, I saw him with a teenage girl at a local skating rink, not seeming to realize that he looked like her grandfather as they circled the rink holding hands. I hope he’s locked up.

Magazines, Witches…It’s All Good

Straight Out of Boston, home of US Free(dumb). And don’t forget witch burning.

Charlestown resident George Aaron Cuddy is asking people to buy and burn a copy of

Rolling Stone’s latest issue, which features Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Rolling Stone cover featuring Tsarnaev

Rolling Stone cover featuring Tsarnaev

Most Excellently and Floridly Done, Goodman Cuddy! Because nothing says freedom like burning things (even though you are your fellow thought-destroyers couldn’t be bothered to — you know — read the article you advocate burning.

I did read the article, and the book-burners miss this very salient point: yes, it had a Tiger Beat quality. It also highlighted that most people are not born terrorists, but become so after a lifetime of hearing some aspect of one’s life denigrated by the dominant society in which one lives. Perhaps if we know how people become prone to commit acts of violence, seemingly at odds with what all his acquaintances say about, we might do more to prevent them. Like encouraging a society in which we can all “just get along.”


Chicago Library Offers 3-D Printing!

Libraries offering maker facilities like this is so cool! When I was at ALA Midwinter in January, and some of the most interesting concepts wmakerbot_1as communal make spaces.. 3-D printers are already coming down in price, but until they become ubiquitous, libraries such as CPL are blazing a trail. Not only are they making hardware available, they also offer multiple sessions demonstrating how to use it.

I notice, however, that librarians are quoted as saying that

Librarians will have to approve whatever designs end up being printed, the Chicago Tribune writes, and they’ve already vetoed 3-D printed weapons.

I would like to know how library staff plan to reconcile “approving” a given library user’s project with the institutional commitment ot intellectual freedom?

Would it be wrong

to correct her spelling of “infinite?”


To the lady in front of me at Winco customer service

I realize it’s warm here for one of the few days per year, but just thought I’d mention this: shorts and varicose veins do not a favorable fashion statement make.

No Buzzword Left Unturned

SCOTUS: Swab Those Cheeks!

Supreme Court: DNA Samples Can Be Taken From Arrestees Without Warrant

From Justice Scalia:

“Make no mistake about it: Because of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason,” Scalia said in a sharp dissent which he read aloud in the courtroom. “This will solve some extra crimes, to be sure. But so would taking your DNA when you fly on an airplane – surely the TSA must know the `identity’ of the flying public. For that matter, so would taking your children’s DNA when they start public school.”

Perhaps this strategy should be used for background checks for firearms purchases.

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